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If you feel like escaping the crowded beaches of Mykonos, come for some laid-back pampering on our 6.5-hour yacht cruise to the uninhabited island of Rhenia, also known as Big Delos. Enjoy a day of swimming, exploring and sunbathing before a light lunch and drinks that will be served on board. This day-trip cruise is the ideal way to spend your day.


When visiting a new area of Greece, as a tourist or a local, a visit to an ancient archeological site is a must. This is our most popular sailing trip, as it combines a relaxing cruise and a visit to Delos, a magical, spiritual island of great archaeological, historical and mythological importance.


Set sail for the secluded southern beaches of Mykonos, drop anchor off a beach of your choice, and dive straight into the clear blue waters. You can swim privately around the yacht, or if you feel you’re missing the crowd, swim to shore and mingle. The choice is yours!


Although not a day trip, this experience provides the perfect ending to a day in beautiful Mykonos. Set sail towards the horizon, with a glass of wine in hand, and watch the sun is dipping into the water, as the blue sky transforms into hues of orange and red. Let the summer breeze free you of all your worries, and enjoy the majestic view, while the gentle waves rock you to the rhythm of nature at its best.

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